We had a guest list which included some of the best known business people from Melbourne and, without exception, we received very favourable comments about Jesse’s inspirational address and his candid answers to the many questions that were asked.

Simon McKeon, Macquarie Bank

Our feedback from United Nations headquarters has been extremely positive and your input was instrumental in ensuring that Australia’s participation was a success.

Juan Carlos Brandt, United Nations Director

Rarely do successful people have the ability to translate that personal success in the field into an interesting story or speech. Jesse has that rare ability, which was recognised and applauded by all those who attended the luncheon

Geoff Pollard, Tennis Australia

Should you have Jesse speak at your conference? My Response: If you don’t you are denying your audience an extraordinary opportunity to be inspired.

Kevin Panozza, SalesForce Australia

To be greeted by 25,000 people at Sandringham Yacht Club was an overwhelming confirmation of how he had impacted upon so many people, both young and old from all walks of life.

Kevin Wood, Sandringham Yacht Club

Above all, Jesse remains humble, real and approachable. Of all his great achievements and abilities, this human quality is perhaps Jesses greatest asset.

Correne Wilke, Here For Life

(Lionheart is)… nothing less than uplifting, extraordinary and moving… few documentaries can match the footage you will see in this program for sheer power… the program resonates with a truth rarely seen on television..  

Michael Idato – Sydney Morning Herald

It still amazes me the positive impact he has on young people, yet he carries himself with humility, honesty and integrity

Jim Stynes, Founder, Reach Youth

Jesse is a fantastic role model who presents articulately, humorously and compassionately

Kaarene Fitzgerald, SIDS Victoria

You are an impressive young man and your courage and determination are an inspirational example for all young people to follow

Bill Clinton, Former US President