This lecture series is designed for expeditions or multi-day events which present more than one opportunity for Jesse to speak. Starting with Learning to Sail – 1000km on a Small Catamaran, followed by Sea Kayaking in Papua New Guinea, and finally leading to Lionheart Sailing Alone Around the World.

LEARNING TO SAIL – 1000km on a small CATAMARAN

In the early 1990’s Kon Martin, living alone in the Daintree rainforest, Far North Queensland, meets a small boat sailor on the shores of Cow Bay beach. His 14 foot catamaran can be dragged up the sand, past the high tide mark and inside the hulls can be stored a small tent, hammock and basic cooking gear. This lone sailor is travelling hundreds of miles along the Coral Coast and Kon is inspired – one day when his two young sons are old enough, they too could complete an extended small boat journey together.


Fifteen year old Jesse wants to make adventure films to help his goal of buying a yacht to sail around the world. Younger brother Beau is recruited and with savings from their paper round they buy a video camera, sea kayak and aeroplane ticket to Papua New Guinea. For 5 weeks the teenage brothers kayak from Rabaul northwards along the coast of New Ireland to the sleepy town of Kavieng, filming it all and dreaming of seeing more of the world.


Having caught the taste for adventure, 16 year old Jesse sits on the school bus wishing he were on a boat. His plan to buy a yacht with the proceeds of his kayaking documentary has not exactly gone to plan, however there is another way.

If he attempts to become the youngest person to sail around the world, perhaps he could get the sponsorship to buy the yacht. However to get the media attention, to get the sponsors, he must sail alone and without stopping and depart within a year, so as to return before his 18th birthday.

The only hitch in this grand plan is a lack of experience. Until now he hasn’t sailed on a proper yacht before. Learn more about Lionheart..

Martin’s was a tale of true significance, of almost unimaginable courage and determined resource, a tale told in full through Lionheart: The Jesse Martin Story

Jonathan Green, The Age