In 2002, twenty-one-year-old Jesse Martin decides to take a crew of four on a three-year voyage. Dubbed The Journey of Young People, they plan to make a 13-part documentary series of their experiences to help fund their adventure.

Once at sea they are quickly stripped of their idealism and plunged into reality as they struggle to understand their co-dependencies and conflicting expectations of Paradise and how they should get there. Jesse leads his crew on a downward spiral finally realising a painful reality.

The Journey of Young People will always be to grow up.

Mercifully, there is no attempt to pass it off as an “inspirational journey”, as was intended… This is a fascinating portrait of young people trying, failing, persisting, learning, fighting, reconciling – and growing up.

Michael Lallo, Sydney Morning Herald

… a cracking documentary that hooks you along and proves that if you can’t make a thirteen part documentary, you’ll always have enough material for a one episode documentary on why not.

Outer Edge Magazine